Posted by: Speaker&AuthorBill | July 5, 2011

Your Uniqueness

I have worked with many individuals in the mental health, emotional health and spiritual health fields as well as, in the area of addictions. Over the years I have observed individuals improve as the result of medications bringing balance to the chemicals in their brain. Learning how different chemicals in the brain can become unbalanced contributing to addictions, mental health challenges, emotional challenges and spiritual challenges was very enlightening.

It was even more impressive as I observed how these individuals now had the capacity to think more clearly, to feel calm and in control of their lives, they were now  able to make healthy decisions in their life; all because the right medications brought  balance to the brain chemicals.

But they now had another reality to deal with, the reality of how they saw themselves and how they felt about themselves.  Yes, the chemicals in their brains were balanced, they were able to think more clearly, they were able to learn skills and make use of tools that would help them work with the rules and responsibilities of life.  Yet, they struggled with how they now saw and felt about themselves.

How we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves is a reality we all have to deal with. It is a reality that can bring on depression, even when chemicals in the brain are OK, it is a reality the can initiate sadness, it is a reality that can leave us experiencing feelings of inadequacy, which can lead us to getting upset with ourselves, and life, and finally find ourselves going down the road of making bad decisions for our life.

As a motivational and educational speaker; I teach how our uniqueness is not limited by time, situations or circumstances.  It is not limited by a negative history, the mistakes we make in our lives, by a lack of education or a lack of money.

Learning about your uniqueness, and how to use it can break you free from the negative way we see or feel about ourselves and initiate the creativity in us that will help us create a better life for ourselves.

You Are Unique




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