Posted by: Speaker&AuthorBill | July 2, 2011

Your Uniqueness Creates Hope for Your Future

Your Uniqueness, Your Powers, Your Hope

Our uniqueness as human beings can be recognized as we learn about the three core powers that are inside us which are the power of choice, the power of focused thought and the power of believing.

The more we recognize and learn about our uniqueness the more we will begin to experience a particular emotion called hope. Hope is a very powerful emotion that effects both our present and our future.    Hope affects our future because in the present it affects our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, how we think, how we behave, and the choices we make.

 When we experience hope, we are more positive and happier; we have a tendency to be more considerate, helpful and polite.  We don’t feel the need to turn to alcohol or drugs in order to deal with problems.  Life feels OK to us, and we are able to enjoy life more.  As we continue walking in this manner of thought, attitude and behavior we find that we begin reaping the results of such thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors;  benefits of doing more of the things we want to do, having more of the things we want to have, and achieving goals that, at one time, we thought we could not achieve.  Who would not want to reap such results in their future?  But we need to keep in mind that this all began with learning about our uniqueness.

My motivation as an inspirational, educational and motivational speaker is knowing that I can provide individuals and groups with information about their uniqueness, then inspire them with information about the power of their uniqueness, and then teach them how they can use their uniqueness to make positive changes in their lives.

You are unique, inside you exist the core powers of choice, focused thought, and believing; these powers can make it possible for you to do things your thought you could never do before, to have things you may have thought you could not have, to become more than what you thought you could ever become, to reach goals that may look impossible.




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