Posted by: Speaker&AuthorBill | June 23, 2011

Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness

In a world where technology is occupying most of our lives many are loosing sight of their own uniqueness, we continue to remain fascinated with technology and lose sight of how fascinating we are as human beings.  With the functional speed of technology we become impatient with ourselves and others, forgetting of our unique ability to think in ways technology cannot.

But in the irony of it all, the truth is, we, unique human beings, are the creators of this technology.  In our uniqueness we will always be able to do things that technology will never be able to do.

In losing sight of our uniqueness we lose our self-image, and self-esteem:  We depend on what we see on the outside of us to make us feel good, to make us feel worthy, this is OK to a certain point, but not as something we should depend on.

As unique human beings we are designed to achieve, accomplish and make things happen in life, but more importantly, to make things happen in our lives.  However, as technology continues to advance,  more are now staying occupied with technology and loosing  sight that within their uniqueness exist the powers to achieve, accomplish and to make things happen in their lives.

But what are these powers that exist inside us?  Well, that is where I come in as an educational, motivational, and inspirational speaker.  To teach people about certain powers they have inside themselves that will make it possible for them to do things in life they want to do, to have things they would like to have and to become more than they thought they could ever become.  To teach people, that not only does our uniqueness create technology, but it goes beyond technology

Technology cannot create your goals, it can only assist you in reaching your goals.  Your goals exist inside you, and only you can make them a reality in your life, because, YOU ARE UNIQUE.





  1. Great Blog! Yvonne

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