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Your Uniqueness

I have worked with many individuals in the mental health, emotional health and spiritual health fields as well as, in the area of addictions. Over the years I have observed individuals improve as the result of medications bringing balance to the chemicals in their brain. Learning how different chemicals in the brain can become unbalanced contributing to addictions, mental health challenges, emotional challenges and spiritual challenges was very enlightening.

It was even more impressive as I observed how these individuals now had the capacity to think more clearly, to feel calm and in control of their lives, they were now  able to make healthy decisions in their life; all because the right medications brought  balance to the brain chemicals.

But they now had another reality to deal with, the reality of how they saw themselves and how they felt about themselves.  Yes, the chemicals in their brains were balanced, they were able to think more clearly, they were able to learn skills and make use of tools that would help them work with the rules and responsibilities of life.  Yet, they struggled with how they now saw and felt about themselves.

How we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves is a reality we all have to deal with. It is a reality that can bring on depression, even when chemicals in the brain are OK, it is a reality the can initiate sadness, it is a reality that can leave us experiencing feelings of inadequacy, which can lead us to getting upset with ourselves, and life, and finally find ourselves going down the road of making bad decisions for our life.

As a motivational and educational speaker; I teach how our uniqueness is not limited by time, situations or circumstances.  It is not limited by a negative history, the mistakes we make in our lives, by a lack of education or a lack of money.

Learning about your uniqueness, and how to use it can break you free from the negative way we see or feel about ourselves and initiate the creativity in us that will help us create a better life for ourselves.

You Are Unique



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Your Uniqueness Creates Hope for Your Future

Your Uniqueness, Your Powers, Your Hope

Our uniqueness as human beings can be recognized as we learn about the three core powers that are inside us which are the power of choice, the power of focused thought and the power of believing.

The more we recognize and learn about our uniqueness the more we will begin to experience a particular emotion called hope. Hope is a very powerful emotion that effects both our present and our future.    Hope affects our future because in the present it affects our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, how we think, how we behave, and the choices we make.

 When we experience hope, we are more positive and happier; we have a tendency to be more considerate, helpful and polite.  We don’t feel the need to turn to alcohol or drugs in order to deal with problems.  Life feels OK to us, and we are able to enjoy life more.  As we continue walking in this manner of thought, attitude and behavior we find that we begin reaping the results of such thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors;  benefits of doing more of the things we want to do, having more of the things we want to have, and achieving goals that, at one time, we thought we could not achieve.  Who would not want to reap such results in their future?  But we need to keep in mind that this all began with learning about our uniqueness.

My motivation as an inspirational, educational and motivational speaker is knowing that I can provide individuals and groups with information about their uniqueness, then inspire them with information about the power of their uniqueness, and then teach them how they can use their uniqueness to make positive changes in their lives.

You are unique, inside you exist the core powers of choice, focused thought, and believing; these powers can make it possible for you to do things your thought you could never do before, to have things you may have thought you could not have, to become more than what you thought you could ever become, to reach goals that may look impossible.



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You Are Unique

You Are Unique


Inside of all of us, there exist, what I call, Three Core Powers.  They are, the power of choice or your power to choose, the power of focused thought or your power to focus your thoughts, and the power of believing or your power to believe.

These powers have been known to allow individuals to do things they thought they could never do before, to have things they thought they could never have and to become in life more than they thought they could ever become.

These powers have been known to allow individuals to accumulate riches, to create successful business and enterprises and to achieve goals that seem impossible.
How is it possible that these three powers can do all this?  It is because, these three powers that exist inside you, well, they are not limited by time, situations or circumstances; they are not limited by a negative history or the mistakes we make in our lives; they are not limited by a poor education or a lack of money; they are not limited by a poor self-esteem or low self-image; they are not limited by addictions or a diagnosis.
So you see, inside you exist these three powers that have been found to be without limits, powers that seem to be able to make the miraculous happen. But here is the million dollar question:  If we have these three core powers inside us, and we are using them every day, many, many times a day; then why are there so many who are not achieving what they would like to achieve in their lives?  Who are not doing the things they would like to do? Who are not having the things they would like to have?  The answer involves how they use these three core powers.
For me things are not easy, I seem to have many obstacles in my life, obstacles  that stand  in my way, keeping me from moving forward as fast as I would like; the obstacle of a very low-income, the obstacle of a very negative history, the obstacle of mistakes I have made in my life, truthfully, I have a long list of obstacles.  Yet, I cannot deny the evidence which I have accumulated over my years of research and study about our uniqueness as human beings, and our unique connection we have with this life we live. 
Life is not easy, it is not always fair, and at the same time it does not seem to be getting any easier.  Personally, I struggle daily in many ways, but I am not any different from anyone else, so many today, are also struggling.  
Yet like myself, I believe you have things in your life that you still want to do, things you still want to have,  or may you feel deep down inside that you can be more than you are at this time. If you do, then we are in the same boat.  
I understand what it feels like to experience struggling with disappointments, failures, frustrations, a poor self-image, or low self-esteem, to lose sight of your goals, to feel like you can’t do it, to feel you are too old, to see others so much better than you.  Yet, at the same time I cannot deny what I have learned;  that I have these powers inside me, powers that will allow me to make the changes in my life I want, if I use them a certain way.
Life seems to have its limits; but the powers inside you?  Well, from my years of research, these powers continue to be found without limits.
As a motivational, educational, and inspirational speaker, I teach how to use these three core powers in such a way, that you can begin doing more of what you want to do, having more of what you want to have, and becoming more of what you what to become.
The question is, what is it that you want to do?  To have? and To Become – in life?
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Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness

In a world where technology is occupying most of our lives many are loosing sight of their own uniqueness, we continue to remain fascinated with technology and lose sight of how fascinating we are as human beings.  With the functional speed of technology we become impatient with ourselves and others, forgetting of our unique ability to think in ways technology cannot.

But in the irony of it all, the truth is, we, unique human beings, are the creators of this technology.  In our uniqueness we will always be able to do things that technology will never be able to do.

In losing sight of our uniqueness we lose our self-image, and self-esteem:  We depend on what we see on the outside of us to make us feel good, to make us feel worthy, this is OK to a certain point, but not as something we should depend on.

As unique human beings we are designed to achieve, accomplish and make things happen in life, but more importantly, to make things happen in our lives.  However, as technology continues to advance,  more are now staying occupied with technology and loosing  sight that within their uniqueness exist the powers to achieve, accomplish and to make things happen in their lives.

But what are these powers that exist inside us?  Well, that is where I come in as an educational, motivational, and inspirational speaker.  To teach people about certain powers they have inside themselves that will make it possible for them to do things in life they want to do, to have things they would like to have and to become more than they thought they could ever become.  To teach people, that not only does our uniqueness create technology, but it goes beyond technology

Technology cannot create your goals, it can only assist you in reaching your goals.  Your goals exist inside you, and only you can make them a reality in your life, because, YOU ARE UNIQUE.